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Jalisco: land of the best avocados

The avocados of Mexico are one of the most revered products on the international market, and with such profitable exportation and positive impact on the country’s economy, it’s no wonder many refer to them as Green Gold.

Today, three out of every 10 avocados consumed worldwide comes from Mexican soil. This is the result of the arduous labor of producers who not only fulfill the European, Asian and North American markets’ demand for millions of tons of the green fruit but meet the rigorous quality standards imposed by the nearly 30 countries to which the crop is exported.

Although we are still considered the second largest national producer, in recent years the state of Jalisco has made enormous advances in terms of avocado production:

  • We are the largest producers of avocado per hectare in the world, with more than 25 thousand hectares (close to 62 thousand acres) of federally-certified avocado orchards; distributed over 22 municipalities in the South, Altos, Ciénega and what is known as the Atenguillo-Mascota route.

  • Municipalities including Ciudad Guzmán, Concepción de Buenos Aires, Gómez Farías, Sayula, San Gabriel, Valle de Juarez, Mazamitla, Manzanilla de la Paz, Tapalpa, Zapotiltic, Arandas, Valle de Guadalupe and Quitupan have been declared free of seed-boring avocado pests, allowing local producers to market their products in both domestic and international markets.

  • The first hectares of certified avocado with productive sustainability parameters by the international Rainforest Alliance (RA) are here in Jalisco.

  • Over the last year, Jalisco producers harvested 140 thousand tons of avocado, of which 80 thousand tons were exported.

  • Jalisco avocados reach Canada, Japan, China, Central and South America and the Middle East.

As you can see, Jalisco’s contribution to Mexico’s status as the world’s main supplier of avocados is significant. We are leaders in avocado production and exportation, and this not only boosts the state economy but also provides daily sustenance to thousands of Jalisco families.

At Agro Gonzámex, we have been producing avocados for more than 30 years and we are proud of our role in the development of the industry. We understand the importance of creating alliances, as satisfactory results can only be obtained through the union and partnership of producers. We are firmly committed to the local economy and to creating employment opportunities for the people of the region.

To our fellow avocado farmers, we’d like to grow together; to continue to provide the world with the best of the bounty of Jalisco and assist you in obtaining the best possible revenue for your product. You’ll find more information here.

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