Our history

Agro Gonzámex was founded in the early 1980s; we started as a family endeavor growing Hass avocados in Jalisco, and thus became pioneers in this state of Mexico.

Due to the high quality of our avocados and our commitment to clients, we soon found our products in great demand — this led us to build, in 2004, the first packing plant for exporting Jalisco avocados. In 2005 we sent our first shipping container to Europe.

In 2008 we began to buy and sell avocados from other growers in the region, with whom we still have a close relationships that assure quality in every product, and enriching trade in the state of Jalisco. Today over 200 growers entrust us in the commercialization of their fruit.

This way, we’ve grown along with the community, caring for the environment and promoting social harmony;generating and fully nurturing business relationships with clients and suppliers around the world, ensuring our success.