Mexico: the leader in avocado production

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA, for its acronym in Spanish), the Mexican avocado is one of the most successful products of the national agri-food export, which makes the country the main producer and exporter of avocados for the international market with a participation of 45.95% of the value of world exports.

In recent years, the Mexican countryside has been dedicated to developing a more solid joint orientation towards the markets, ensuring the quality of the fruit in all its parameters and also increasing the productivity of orchards and packaging, as well as conserving the leadership of the avocado industry nationally and internationally.

This is all that has been achieved in Mexico, thanks to the great dedication of our producers and the care of our fields:

● Mexico is a world leader in the cultivation and export of avocados and has a production of one million 644 thousand tons per year.

● Out of 10 avocados marketed worldwide, three are sold by Mexican avocado producers, this means that the production of avocado “Made in Mexico” represents more than 30% of the world harvest.

● At the national level, Michoacán is the leading state in avocado production with 89% of the avocado in the country, which means that it contributes four-fifths of the national total of the production of this fruit.

● The other entities that also produce avocado, in order of contribution, are Jalisco, State of Mexico, Nayarit, Morelos, and Guerrero.

● There are more than 400 varieties of avocado in the world depending on the climate in which they are grown. In the Mexican countryside, we harvest the three most popular varieties: Hass, Criollo, and Fuerte.

● The main consumer of Mexican avocado internationally is the United States, even though it is an avocado-producing country.

● In addition, Mexico exports avocado to various countries; mainly to Chile, Australia, Russia, England, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.

● In Mexico, the largest exports of the fruit take place from the second week of January to the first week of February, since the Mexican avocado has managed to position itself in 50% of US households to be enjoyed in guacamole during the Super Bowl.

● The consumption of this fruit has also increased in other destinations due to the fact that the American football match is seen by 111 million viewers in 170 countries.

At Agro Gonzámex, we have more than 30 years of producing avocados with quality and dedication. We are aware that we have reached our summit and accomplished our achievements thanks to the union and collaboration of the farmers of the field, for that reason, we are committed to contributing to the local economy and creating jobs in our region.

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