Pest prevention and control

Pests are one of the main threats to crops and like any other plant, avocados can also suffer from them which seriously affects the plantation. Combating these pests and diseases without using artificial pesticides can be a huge challenge, however it is quite possible to do so successfully. 

Our goal at Agro Gonzámex is to achieve a balance between all the elements of the ecosystem. To do this, we use various preventive and control practices to be able to ecologically fight pests. 

Pest prevention 

Avocado pests and diseases are more likely to appear when the plant is in a weak state and is not in good health. For example: it is common for fungi to appear in the presence of excess water due to heavy rains or over-watering without good drainage. 

They usually attack in the early stages of avocado growth and as the plant grows the pests become stronger, becoming a more serious problem. They feed on the different components of the plant such as the sap, leaves, trunk, and even the fruit, causing the plant and the fruit to weaken which directly affects their development. The best way to avoid and prevent pests is to take good care of the growth of the plant, always be alert, and act as soon as possible to ensure a healthy crop. 

Types of pests 

The main pests of avocado are the following: 

● Mealybugs, a species of insect that cause strong infections in the tree. 

● Worms, which can affect the fruit and are quite a serious pest. 

● Thrips, which are insects present on most fruit plants. They feed mainly on the leaves and foliage, causing considerable damage. 

● Fungi, which constant attacks the avocado leaves and continues to spread around the plant until it is removed or when the leaves fall. 

● There may also be types of flies and other winged insects. Most of these cause damage to the leaves of the plant. 

Pest control 

At Agro Gonzámex, we use a type of organic cultural control for the care of our avocados, which consists of the following: 

● Light traps: useful for fighting against moths, worms, and other nocturnal insects. 

● Colored sticky traps: useful for fighting thrips. 

● Yellow sticky traps: useful for fighting against whiteflies, aphids, and leaf miners. 

● Fruit bagging: fruit flies are prevented from laying their eggs on the fruit and spreading diseases. 

● Exposing the plant to more sunlight through pruning and avoiding the creation of microclimates in which a greater number of pests and diseases proliferate. 

● Cut and remove mummified fruit and branches with canker problems. 

● Compost vegetative material from pruning. 

● In the case of a branch borer, we destroy and burn the infested branches and fruit to break the biological cycle of the insect. 

● Avoid growing orchards near dusty roads. 

Through this type of pest prevention and control techniques and practices, we aim to promote organic agriculture to keep our environment clean, thus helping us enhance the productive capacity and natural fertility of our soils. 

At Agro Gonzámex, we are pioneers in the production and export of organic products in Jalisco. We invite you to learn more about our commitment to the environment and our community so that you can learn about the quality that distinguishes our avocados and our plants from the rest. 

Start enjoying the freshness and quality of all our products.

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