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How Are Fresh Avocados Exported?

Regardless of where they are in the world, when customers buy an avocado, they expect to obtain the same freshness and flavor as when the fruit was harvested. Color and texture will be great indicators of an avocado’s quality, therefore it is very important to take care of these aspects and do everything possible to keep them intact during export.

The avocado: a food demanded for its export.

Avocados are not only one of the most coveted fruits in Mexican gastronomy, they have also been positioned in the rest of the world as one of the star foods of many different cuisines, becoming part of various dishes in various countries such as the United States, Japan, China, Canada and throughout Europe. Thanks to this, its export is considered a profitable way to carry out international business, open doors to important investments, and support the economy of local producers.

Mexico produces about 1.9 million tons of avocado, of which 54% are sent abroad with the most important countries being: the United States (790,000 tons per year), Japan (70,000 tons per year), Canada (66,000 tons per year), Spain (18,000 tons per year), and France (17,000 tons per year).


Within the global market, avocado has become highly demanded and thanks to its nutritional properties, it is also used in many other industries, such as for the production of cosmetics. For its export, in AgroGonzámex, we have created a logistics process that guarantees its freshness and quality. It is recommended to transfer the fruit to a controlled temperature of 5-13°C if the fruit is not yet ripe, or 2-4°C if the avocado is just right. The idea is to control this temperature evenly using refrigerated containers, as they will help us maintain a suitable temperature and offer you a quality product.

How do we carry out the successful exportation of avocados?

  1. We make sure that avocados travel in cardboard boxes that are made to withstand refrigerated cargo, with cracks in the packaging designed to allow air to circulate through all of the fruit.

  2.  Before being transported, we put the fruit through a cooling system so that it reaches the correct transport temperature. This will help avoid thermal shocks and a loss of quality in our products.

  3.  Once the fruit has been pre-cooled, we avoid exposing it to higher temperature during its loading into the container, or it could experience considerable damage. We always seek to maintain an adequate strategy to load the products to the transport unit without allowing a cold leak.


Trust in our extensive experience and knowledge to carry out a correct export of avocados. Contact us!

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