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Hacks to prevent avocados from browning

Do you know how to prevent avocados from turning brown after you've cut them? Today we’ll share the best tips and hacks to stop your cut avocados from browning.

The avocado is a delicious fruit that is ideal to prepare and serve with countless dishes, however, keeping it in a perfect state can be a nuisance, especially after cutting it. If you don't consume it immediately, it turns a brownish-green color and is not appealing. This oxidation or browning is simply the exposure of the fruit to oxygen, which "collides" with the phenolic compounds found in the avocado itself, producing a different color.

Although the avocado doesn’t lose its properties or its quality when browning, it is more appetizing to consume when it still has its exquisite green color which is so characteristic. Therefore, we want to share the best hacks to achieve and maintain its color.

Maintain your avocados


It is ideal to select the best avocado from the moment you buy it in the store, so that it is ready the day you plan to consume it. If you don't know how to choose it, you can read our article on How to choose the best avocado?


Do not remove the seed from the half that is going to be preserved, since it keeps the part that is in contact with the seed fresh. The same thing happens with a sauce or guacamole, although the seed is in the center, everything around it browns when it comes into contact with the exterior.


Smear a little olive oil on the avocado pulp. This will prevent it from browning, as it serves as a barrier to oxygen. However, although it is an excellent method to protect the fruit, because it has a noticeable flavor, even though its fats are also considered healthy, this is not a practical method for guacamole since it is quite difficult to cover evenly.


Another very simple and effective way is to wrap it in transparent plastic wrap. Do this as soon as you have decided to save the avocado or guacamole that you have left, making sure it is as tight as possible to avoid exposure to air.


Lemon is an ideal antioxidant to delay the browning process of avocado. All you have to do is squeeze a few drops on the exposed pulp and this will ensure that it retains its beautiful color for at least one more day.


If you don't want to add flavor with the lemon, another excellent option is to use pieces of red onion (no, it is not the pico de gallo). 

It is very simple: put the chopped onion in a container with a lid, and place the avocado on top. Make sure that it only comes into contact with the outer skin of the fruit, because if it touches the pulp, it will absorb its flavor.

The best hack to preserve guacamole

Now that we know how to prevent a cut avocado from turning brown, it is only fair that we also share the secret to prevent the guacamole from browning:

All you have to do is add water to the container where you have stored it. Without stirring, just leave the avocado on top of the water and cover with cling wrap. When you are going to consume it, pour the water out with the help of a strainer. You'll find that it looks freshly prepared and retains its delicious flavor!

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