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Good practices for avocado cultivation

Avocado is one of the main consumer products among Mexicans, it is one of our favorite fruits, due to its nutritional and vitamin contributions, and of course its unmistakable and unmatched taste. It can be found in various dishes such as the well-known Guacamole, enjoying it spread on bread, on toast, as a dressing, in soup or salads.

Due to its constant growth in people's tastes, today it is one of the products with the highest export demand in our country. This rich national product acquires more relevance when it is estimated that of every 10 avocados sold worldwide, three come from Mexican producers. What demonstrates the quality of our cultivation of products.

The state of Michoacán stands out in avocado production with 84.9% of the volume in Mexico, since it generates one million tons, followed by other entities such as Jalisco, State of Mexico, Nayarit, Morelos, and Guerrero.

Good cultivation practices have a lot to do so that national avocados have great acceptance in the international market, which guarantee that human consumption products comply with the minimum requirements for food quality and health, at the same time as there is safety for workers, as well as traceability of food of agricultural origin, to help protect the health of the final consumer.

Thanks to these practices, you get high-quality fruit. For which, we must pay special attention to its cultivation from the first months of planting. As it is well known, water is vital for its development, but it must be controlled, that is, avoid flooding with the excess of this liquid in small trees, as well as the lack thereof.

An important characteristic to consider is that the first 15 days after cultivation are of great importance for the nutrition of avocado plants, through fertirrigation (a technique that allows the simultaneous application of water and fertilizers through the system of irrigation), as it will indicate if the plant will grow with nutrients or will not need them.

Its cultivation is carried out in the open field because the trees grow up to 20 meters high and are plants that give us their fruits over 4 decades. Each tree can produce up to one million flowers.

Avocado cultivation

To carry out a good avocado production, some aspects must be taken into consideration, such as:


It is of the utmost importance since avocado requires a minimum temperature of 10 ° C to 17 ° C and a maximum that ranges from 28 ° C to 33 ° C, for the "mooring" of the fruits. Cold climates create problems for plantings.


As we already mentioned, it requires water to bear good fruit. Rainwater regimes are recommended from 1,000 to 2,000 millimeters of rainwater. As well as, drip-localized irrigation or micro-spray.


Plants need direct sunlight to be productive in a satisfactory way. It is recommended that adequate pruning be done to bring light to those areas of the tree that are mostly covered.

Ideal soil

It is important to have soft, light and deep textured soils since the trees have shallow roots, so you should loosen the soil before planting.

Considerations and good practices that we carry out in Agro Gozámex, from the lands of Jalisco for the rest of Mexico and the world, we get high-quality Hass and Méndez fruits and acceptance. Contact us to learn more about our products and enjoy our incomparable flavor.

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