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México: their Avocado and the world

Recently, avocado has captivated thousands of people around the world, becoming a very coveted fruit thanks to its flavor and properties. However, its origin goes back to a long time ago, where it did not enjoy such popularity. 

Although the place of origin of the avocado is still not known with accuracy, in Mexico its history began in the high parts of the central and eastern parts of the country, where the Aztecs received it as a tribute from one of the conquered towns. 

With the passage of time they began to plant trees of this fruit, since in addition to becoming part of their staple foods, it was also considered as an important merchandise of commercial exchange, which later gave way for it to acquire a cultural and even religious significance, since they attributed to it different properties, some of them being an aphrodisiac. 

When the time of the conquest arrived, it was the Spaniards who took this fruits to Europe, but it wasn’t until the beginning of last century when the cultivation of avocado began to take on importance until reaching the popularity that it has today. 

Currently, Mexico is ranked as one of the largest avocado exporters in the world. Between 2013 and 2016 its sales average was 1,740 million dollars. Being the United States, Japan, Canada, Spain, France, the Netherlands, El Salvador, China, Honduras, and Guatemala the main export destinations, with the United States being the most important of them. 

From there, the demand has been increasing in more than 26 countries that are part of different treaties such as The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP); and the North Triangle Free Trade Agreement (TLCTN) and even in countries that have no treaty with Mexico. 

This resulted in a considerable increase in the production of avocado, to the extent that in May 2018 about 893 thousand tons were harvested, 17% more than in May 2017, positioning as the largest producer in the world, above other countries such as Colombia, Brazil or Chile. In fact, also in 2018, exports to Asia increased 72%, to Central and South America 49%, and to Europe 27%, being the Jalisco avocado one of the most exported to these parts of the world. 

At Agro Gonzámex we know the importance of maintaining the excellence of Mexican avocados, that's why we have highly effective certifications and processes that help us produce and market the best quality products that comply with international standards.

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