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Are avocados still too green to eat? Here are some tips to mature them

Enjoying a good avocado depends a lot on it being perfectly ripe. Did you buy them still very hard and green and need them right away? Don't worry, we know it’s a very delicate fruit, and in this article, we give you some tips to ripen them faster than they would by themselves in their natural cycle.

Microwave them

This technique has a risk because it could alter the natural flavor of the avocado. However, it will remain just as tasty for making guacamole, salads, or other recipes.

● You should make several holes in the avocado, preferably with a fork.

● Wrap them with a napkin and put them on a plate with a plastic lid, to prevent them from exploding and spilling into the microwave.

● Heat them for 30 seconds and test if they are soft enough. If not, add another 30 seconds.

● Wait for them to cool and cut them as usual.

Wrap them in aluminum foil

This works not just with avocado, but other fruits can ripen faster with the help of aluminum foil.

● Wrap them in aluminum foil and make sure they are well covered.

● Put it on a tray and bake them for at least 10 minutes.

Use a paper bag

Use a kraft paper bag since its material serves to trap the gas it gives off, which helps to preserve the flavor and properties of the avocado. With this method, it will take about two days to mature.

● Put the avocado in the bag and make sure there are no holes or air escaping from anywhere.

● Add an apple or a ripe tomato to increase the production of ethylene gas.

● Seal the bag and leave it in a place where there is a temperature between 18 ºC and 24 ºC.

The classic: newspaper

● Wrap the avocado in the newspaper and put it in a warm place. It can be the microwave, or the oven (turned off).

We already talked about the avocados that you just bought, but what about those that have already been cut and turned out to be too green for consumption? 

There is something you can do.

Plastic foil or foil film

● First of all, sprinkle lemon juice on the pulp of the avocado.

● Gather the cut halves, leaving the bone, and wrap them in clear plastic wrap.

● Put the avocado, already covered with the plastic film, in the refrigerator. You have to check from time to time if it has reached the desired degree of maturation.

Mexico is a great avocado producer. Our land grows the fruit that represents the culture and effort of an entire nation, even reaching the table of foreign families.

Now, you already have several techniques to use if you want to eat them earlier, and that they have a suitable flavor to enjoy.

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