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Agro Gonzámex Values

Since the beginning of the 80s at Agro Gonzámex, we have been concerned with maintaining the high quality of our avocados and promoting good relationships with all our customers.


We have grown hand in hand with the community, concerned with protecting the environment and social harmony, always aiming at developing commercial relationships with customers and producers worldwide. Today more than 200 producers trust us every year.

We are committed to the growth of our population and protection of the environment, therefore, our work is based on the principle of sustainability, through which we seek a balance between relationships with our customers, partners, workers, and the preservation of our ecosystem.

We work with respect, honesty, responsibility, perseverance, and loyalty to what we do. Due to that, we have been able to implement four pillars on which our values ​​are reflected:

● Protection of the environment: we promote not only the care of the fields in which we work, but also the areas surrounding our plantations, and the care of all the species of plants and animals found there.

● Fair economy: it is our priority to achieve an equitable, fair, sustainable, and caring economy.

● The well-being of the community: we participate in promoting the quality of life of our community by improving environmental, social, and economic conditions.

● Preservation for the future: we want future generations to be able to enjoy all the resources that we currently have, that is why we bind protection of the environment along with our good practices; this way we ensure a future with abundant resources.

At Agro Gonzámex, we are participants in the development and growth of a great community. We take care of the quality of each of our processes, from sowing to the marketing of our products.

We are distinguished by the innovation in the technology that we use in all our processes to guarantee the quality of our products, as well as excellence in our production and our business relationships. To achieve this, we promote sustainability through efficient businesses that respect the environment and maintain a focus on the needs of our customers, partners, and workers.

Our social responsibility is directed towards the growth of our most important asset: our workers. Likewise, we are aware that as pioneers of this practice in our region, we have a strong commitment to the community, therefore, we support the local economy with the generation of fair and decent jobs.

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